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About MatTrack


What is MatTrack?

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MatTrack is a new platform to support the educational material development for California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) Funded Projects.

There are two major functions of MatTrack:

  1. Material Submission, and
  2. Technical Assistance Requests.



After consumer testing newly developed materials, Projects are required (per their scope of work) to submit materials and consumer testing summary report to TECC.

Why do we submit our materials to TECC?

Materials are screened to determine if they can be adapted for statewide use and publication in the TECC catalog.

What happens to the material once it is submitted?

If it is NOT appropriate for adaptation, nothing happens.

If it IS appropriate for adaptation, the content may be altered so that it is suitable for statewide audiences. Then the Materials Advisory Board (volunteer subject matter experts) will review and provide feedback. Revisions are made and CTCP gives the final approval before it is published in the TECC catalog.

When will Projects begin submitting their finished materials through MatTrack?

Starting in August 2019. Prior to this, TECC will contact each Project Director to help them set up their Project’s account.



What is Technical Assistance (TA)?

CTCP-Funded Projects are eligible for FREE help with developing their educational materials. TECC has a team of professional graphic designers available to design and format brochures, fact sheets, logos, coalition materials, and much more. TECC can also help you develop and/or edit the content of your materials to ensure they are following CTCP Policy Manual guidelines.

How will MatTrack be used for TA?

Projects will be able to initiate a request for help with material development through MatTrack. Throughout the entire material development process, Projects will utilize the MatTrack system to track progress and communicate with TECC staff. Once the final material is completed and consumer tested, Projects will need to submit material and consumer testing summary report (see “Material Submission”).

When will Projects begin utilizing MatTrack for TA?

Currently, to request TA, Projects send an email to and communication is done through email. We estimate that by October 2019, Projects will begin utilizing the MatTrack system for TA.

If you have any questions about the MatTrack system, please send an email to