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Material Submission

Attention California Tobacco Control funded agencies:

At TECC, we value your creativity and the hard work and extensive time you commit to creating materials for your programs. Please take a few moments to complete the form below and upload the materials you have created. This will enable us to review and present to CTCP for appropriateness for the TECC catalog and beyond. As grass roots organizations you have a deep understanding of what is needed to serve your communities. Please share your materials so that if applicable they can be used throughout California.

Once you have submitted your materials, you will be contacted within 5 working days by a TECC staff member to discuss and obtain more detailed information about your submission.

We are here to assist you and we want to hear from you. Your involvement helps us improve our materials to serve you better. Use the form below and we'll reply to email as soon as possible.

Please note: Allowed file types are jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tif, psd, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, mp3, mp4, aac, wav, au, wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, zip, gz, rar, z, tgz, tar, sitx.