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New Blunts Myths & Realities Card

Explode some of the most pervasive myths about blunts with the reality checks listed on this fact card. Some of the facts we know about blunts: blunt wrappers are almost always made of tobacco leaves, which naturally contain highly addictive nicotine; about 17% of young people who start using marijuana become addicted to it; inhaling any burned product (including marijuana) is harmful to the lungs; regular marijuana use is associated with impaired school performance; marijuana can have some severe side effects. Includes California Smokers’ Helpline information. Also available as a poster (J363).

Tips for office printing:

  • Use a slightly heavier paper (or a glossy paper)
  • Print 2-sided
  • Print full size (do not choose “reduce” or “shrink to fit”)
  • File includes 2 cards per page. Trim each page down the center to separate.

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