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Tribal Casino Toolkit for Tobacco Control Advocates

Tribal casinos in California employ over 52,000 workers, 80% of whom are non-tribal members. The Hispanic/Latino community has the highest proportion employed by the hospitality industry, which includes casinos.

This toolkit provides practical advice and focuses on establishing partnerships between the Hispanic/Latino population, tribal casino leaders, and casino managers to garner support for voluntary smoke-free policies within casinos to protect workers from exposure to tobacco smoke.

The toolkit includes:

  • Sample Action Plan
  • Sample Smoke-free Workplace Policies on Tribal Lands
  • Spokesperson Training and Talking Tips
  • Sample Survey for Casino Employees and Patrons
  • Additional Resources

Toolkit Printing notes

This toolkit can be printed on a home or office printer and inserted into a small binder.

If you would like to have it professionally printed as a bound booklet , contact TECC for a printer file.

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