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Vapes Myths and Realities (Green) / Fact Card

The simple design of this fact card clearly addresses some of the myths that e-cigarettes are safer to use than are regular cigarettes, noting that vaping still exposes people to nicotine (highly addictive) and other toxins. Includes California Smokers’ Helpline information.

Note: Print copies of this material are available free of charge to CTCP-funded projects and non-profits in California.

Funded projects and CA non-profits may request large quantities directly from TECC free of charge. Quantities are limited to 1,000 per order/3,000 per calendar year per agency. Contact TECC customer service for assistance at (800) 258-9090.

Printing Tip

For best results when printing yourself:

  • Use a slightly heavier paper (or a glossy paper)
  • Print 2-sided
  • Print full size (do not choose “reduce” or “shrink to fit”)
  • File includes 2 cards per page. Trim each page down the center to separate.