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Welcome to TECC’s Social Media Message Library! In this library you will find social media content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in a variety of categories.

To use these posts:

  1. Save your chosen image(s) to your computer or phone.
  2. Copy the caption(s) that we have provided. Feel free to use exactly what we have written or customize the language to make it more relevant to your community.
  3. Post to your chosen platform.

In Facebook, paste the caption into the “Write a post…” field and attach the image(s). Click “Publish”, and that’s it!

In Instagram, tap the “+” button to create a new post. Choose the photo(s) you have saved (if there are multiple, double check the number bubbles to make sure they are in the right order). Make sure the image is not cut off in the preview. Go to the next screen to add the caption you have copied and any hashtags you may want to include. Click “Share” to make it live!

In Twitter, tap the “+” button to create a new Tweet and paste your caption into the content box, making sure to add any hashtags you may want to include. Choose the photo(s) you have saved. Click the “Tweet” button to make it go live!

Have additional questions about social media? Check out our Social Media Toolkit!