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Smoke-free Multi-Unit Housing Calculator

Smoke-Free Multi-unit Housing Calculator

This new easy-to-use tool will help you calculate the cost of turning over a smoking unit vs. a non-smoking unit.


  1. Enter identifying information about the apartment unit being calculated including:

    • Address or general location
    • Number of bedrooms
    • Number of bathrooms
    • Any additional details or notes, such as square footage, that affect cleaning and repair costs
  2. Enter your cleaning and repair costs into the relevant fields.

    Notes for data entry:

    • Use only whole numbers. The form does not allow the “$” sign or decimal points.
    • You can use the TAB key to move through the document or click directly into each field.
    • It is not necessary to enter data for each item.
    • The form will automatically calculate as you enter data.
    • Your data will be automatically saved, even if you close the tab and open it again (on the same computer).
    • If you want to clear your data, use the “Reset” button.
  3. Print your completed form using the “Print” button, OR

  4. Save your data in a PDF file:

    • Click the “Print” button and select “Print (or Save) as PDF” in your print dialog box.
    • You may need to adjust the settings in your print dialog box to show background colors/graphics in the PDF file.

Smoke-free Multi-Unit Calculator