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The Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC) serves projects funded by the California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) with Technical Assistance (TA) for their work in education material development. Our TA supports content editing, layout, graphics, design, readability, accessibility (i.e. ensuring access for people with disabilities or special needs), customization for the intended audience, and translation. All TA services are free to projects funded by CTCP.

Once you get in touch with TECC’s TA providers, we will help assess your needs. Ticket(s) for TA will be created to collect specific information for each TA project. If you are a newly funded project, new to material development, or unsure of where to start, we can help you identify next steps based on the Education Material Development activities written in your Scope of Work. Details regarding the range of TECC’s services for funded projects can be found in Section 303 of the Policy Manual provided to you by CTCP.

TECC Materials TA Business Rules

TECC Social Media TA Business Rules

Requirements and Standards for Developing High Quality Educational Materials

Consumer Testing for Educational Materials

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