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How to use this library

First, find a post you want to use by clicking on either button. These are posts on secondhand smoke! Follow the instructions for Twitter or Facebook.



Option 1: Create your own tweet

  1. Copy text and place in tweet.
  2. Right-click the accompanying graphic and select “save image as” to save it to your computer.
  3. Upload graphic to Twitter as part of your tweet.

Option 2: Re-tweet TECC's tweet

  1. Click on the Tweet to go to TECC’s version of the tweet and then retweet it.
  2. You have the option to add your own introductory text if desired.

Next, copy the caption. We’ve written short, attention getting captions that include links to trustworthy sources. Feel free to use exactly what we wrote or customize them to make them more interesting to your community. Once you’ve got your caption, paste it into the “Write a post…” field on your Facebook page.

Now you want a good image. You can use the images we’ve provided (to download, right click the image, and select “Save image as”), or you can pick your own visually interesting and relevant image. If you don’t have your own images, use TECC’s free image gallery for tobacco control. Upload the image to your post, click “Publish”, and that’s it!


It travels through walls and stairwells, finds people in their homes and in public, and has killed 2.5 million nonsmokers since the 60s. Just because you can’t see secondhand smoke moving and spreading doesn’t mean it isn’t there causing harm.