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Be Wise About Serving Size Poster (Laminated)


It can be difficult to know what a healthy serving size is in a restaurant and fast food culture that often serves heaping amounts of food on large plates. Many people put too much on their plates and end up eating too many calories each day.

The number of daily calories you need is like a budget for your body. You need to stay within this budget to maintain a healthy weight. Eating the right amounts from each food group is a way to stay within the budget and give your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs to stay healthy.

This updated and revised poster shows the recommended portions of food from the food groups identified by the USDA as part of the MyPlate healthy eating program.

  • Stresses that everything you eat and drink matters
  • Compares recommended serving sizes to common objects to help people remember what a healthy portion looks like
  • Promotes healthy nutrition and combats obesity through a diet consisting of sensible portions of protein, grains, fruits, and dairy products
  • Tells how many servings to eat every day for a sample 2,000-calorie daily diet   
  • Includes information about healthy portions of sugar, fats and oils and sodium
  • Visually appealing 22" x 29" poster

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