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Preventing HIV: PrEP Gives you choices Poster (Laminated)

PrEP, which stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis, is an FDA-approved way for people to prevent HIV infection by taking a pill every day. The pill is called Truvada, and it contains two kinds of medicine that are also used in combination with other medicines to treat HIV. When used consistently, PrEP greatly reduces the risk of HIV. PrEP is a powerful prevention tool and can help reduce anxiety and stress for people at risk of contracting HIV. This poster complements our pamphlet on PrEP.


  • Provides an overview of how you can use PrEP to reduce the risk of HIV
  • Discusses how to decide if PrEP is the right choice
  • Notes that PrEP is available by prescription only
  • Explains that PrEP requires a commitment to a program of services
  • Complements our pamphlet on PrEP
  • Eye-catching 22"x29" size

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