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Revised Protect Your Family from Secondhand Smoke / Brochure

This accessible, friendly brochure defines secondhand smoke and explains how secondhand smoke poses serious health risks to babies, children and the whole family. Encourages people to protect their families by making their home and car smoke-free zones and provides tips on how to ask people not to smoke around them. Includes California Smokers’ Helpline contact information and space to add your local information.

This brochure is available with alternate cover images to best reflect your target audience. See also J959 (Asian American cover image) and J958 (African American cover image). This brochure is also available in Spanish (J623SP) and Hmong (J623HM). 

Brochure Printing Tip

For best results when printing yourself:

Use a slightly heavier paper (or a glossy paper)

Print 2-sided

Print full size (do not choose “reduce” or “shrink to fit”)


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