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Smoke Free Government Campus (Urban)

This handout is designed to encourage government agencies to adopt smoke-free campus policies. About 41,000 non-smokers die each year from diseases caused by secondhand smoke, and we know that no amount of secondhand smoke is safe to breathe. Government workers strive to promote wellness in their communities – it’s common sense to provide a healthier environment for clients visiting an agency for services. This fact sheet is available with 2 image options: Urban (pictured here) and Suburban/Rural (J373).

Tips for office printing:

  • This fact sheet can be printed on a standard 8.5” x 11” paper.
  • Your office printer should automatically reduce the image to best fit its margins. If not, make sure “Fit” or “Reduce to fit” is selected.
  • We recommend a slightly heavier or glossy paper.

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