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Revised Tobacco Control Laws

This updated guide covers basic information on California state and federal tobacco control laws that are in effect as of January 2021. Topics include:

  • How to Comply with Tobacco Retail Laws–Overview
  • Laws about Tobacco Retail Licensure
  • Laws about Selling Tobacco Products
  • Laws about Selling Flavored Tobacco Products
  • Laws about Online Sales of Tobacco Products
  • Laws about Signs and Storefront Ads
  • Laws about Tobacco Product Packaging
  • Laws about Self-Service Display
  • Laws about Restrictions on Tobacco Product Sampling, Couponing, Rebates, and Gift Certificates
  • Laws about the Sale of “Light”, “Low”, and “Mild” Tobacco Products
  • Laws about the Sale of Bidis

This material can be ordered free of charge by California retailers, law enforcement agencies, local tobacco retail licensing agencies, and CDPH/CTCP-funded agencies. Orders are limited to 1,000 pieces annually for each piece.

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