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Tobacco Retail Licensing (Protect Our Youth)

The tobacco industry is targeting a new generation of smokers and vapers with flavored products and low prices for small packages. This oversized brochure addresses the problem of easy youth access to flavored tobacco products and talks about how tobacco retail licensing can help communities protect their youth. Presents the information as a PROBLEM: youth access, low prices, and flavored tobacco products followed by a SOLUTION: Tobacco Retail Licensing combined with minimum prices and pack size, flavor restrictions, and location restrictions for tobacco retailers.

Tips for office printing:

  • This oversized brochure should be printed on standard legal-size paper (8.5”x14”)
  • Use a slightly heavier or glossy paper, if possible
  • Print 2-sided
  • Print full size (do not choose “reduce” or “shrink to fit”)
  • Fold in half to create a handy brochure

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