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The Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC) is a statewide technical assistance provider that supports the development and distribution of effective educational materials for California of Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program (CDPH/CTCP)-funded projects at no cost. Our website ( hosts downloadable materials in a wide range of topics, formats, and languages for diverse audiences. Many materials can be customized with local contact information, California Smokers’ Helpline information, or special event information. TECC also provides assistance with the development of new educational materials including content editing, layout, graphics, design, readability, accessibility (i.e. ensuring access for people with disabilities or special needs), customization for the intended audience, and translation. We also have toolkits, tutorials, and other resources available for all your material development needs.


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TECC works diligently with subject area experts to adapt materials, developed by local projects, for the Statewide audience. Help us by submitting your finished materials. If you would like to join our panel of topic experts, contact and express your interest for the Material Advisory Team (MAT).


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Narinder Dhaliwal, Project Director, discusses TECC on Bites (UC Davis Podcast)



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