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Switching Isn't Quitting Card

This fact card emphasizes that switching from one tobacco delivery system to another isn’t a way to quit using tobacco. All these tobacco delivery systems contain addictive nicotine and other toxic chemicals: cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos, e-cigarettes and vaping devices, hookah, snus and chew. For people who are ready to quit tobacco for good, the card lists the five top quitting tips: 1) finding your reason to quit; 2) making a clear plan; 3) getting support; 4) using a quitting aid (such as nicotine replacement or medicine); and 5) setting a quit date. Includes California Smokers’ Helpline information. Also available as a poster (J365).

Tips for office printing:

  • Print on cardstock
  • Print 2-sided
  • Print full size (do not choose “reduce” or “shrink to fit”)
  • File includes 2 cards per page. Trim each page where noted, to separate.

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